Welcome to IPAS the Initial Pilot Aptitude Screening program. This program has been developed by APST Holding. The IPAS program is designed to offer men and woman interested in a career as a professional pilot a preliminary indication of their ability in five key pilot aptitude areas before they start their pilot training. After completing the IPAS program you will be given your scores for each of the five tests and guidance about interpreting the results. The equipment required for the tests is a PC, keyboard and mouse with modem and an open internet connection plus a Java enabled webbrowser. Total time to complete the tests is about 50 minutes.
There are five IPAS tests. These are:
1 "BallGame"; a hand / eye co-ordination test
2 "Total Recall"; a test of short term memory
3 "Math class"; a quick math test
4 "Wings And Things"; an orientation test
5 "Bingo"; a dual task management test
Please read all on screen instructions carefully as some of the tests are not intuitive. Before each test you will be given instructions and a short practice run.

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